Tricolour Nail Art To Flaunt On Republic Day

Tricolour Nail Art To Flaunt On Republic Day

Republic day is just around the corner and we know you’re excited for that mid-week holiday! Make the holiday feel a little more exciting by treating yourself to a tri color manicure to match the vibes. Here are some gorgeous tri color designs you can try out for Republic Day.

Keep It Simple

Going the simple route is always classy and elegant - just like this nail design! Staying true to the tricolor, this nail art is a simple and easy look to pull off. 

Get Abstract With It

If you love going the artsy way, here’s a fun abstract nail design that can amp up the tricolor look. You can get as creative with it as you like, this is a quirky and detailed design that’s great for Republic day!

French Tips For Life

Nothing beats a good ol’ french tip manicure. You can opt for a tricolor french tip look similar to this by adding in white or blue to the mix. Always a good time when your nails are clean, simple and elegant. 

Make It Dotty

An eye for the simple details will love this look! It’s fun, quirky and true to its colors. It encapsulates the tricolor at its best and matches the vibe for the holiday. 

Colour Splash! 

If you like a little colour splash moment here’s a perfect look for it! It doesn’t have too much happening all at once which makes it easier to focus on the design and it's easy on the eyes.

Hopefully you have the right inspiration for your Republic day inspired manicure now. Get creative with it and make sure you make the most out of the mid-week holiday. 


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