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Unlock unparalleled opportunities by partnering with India's fastest-growing salon brand, where innovation meets beauty, and together, we redefine the standards of excellence in the ever-evolving world of personal care and style.

  • Steady Profits, Endless Returns.

    Experience steady profits and enduring returns in this recession-proof business, thriving alongside the perpetual growth of hair.

  • Growing Market Every Year.

    Amidst economic fluctuations, this market thrives consistently, showing growth akin to the continuous growth of hair.

  • Recession-Resistant Business

    Thriving independent of economic downturns, this recession-resistant business mirrors the consistent growth seen in the resilient cycle of hair.

Why Choose Femina Flaunt

Choose Femina Flaunt Salon franchise for a proven business model, unparalleled industry expertise, and the opportunity to be part of a leading brand that blends style with success.

Brand Support

  • Standard Design Layout
  • Access to Corporate Tie-Ups
  • Access to Femina Flaunt Training Academies
  • Access to Wide Range of Product
  • Salon Launch Support

Marketing & Operations Support

  • Social Media Influencer
  • Celebrity (Paid by Franchise)
  • Marketing Creative Support
  • Monthly Quality Audit
  • Subsidized User Friendly Software
  • Direct Support Through Regional Support and Master Franchise

HR & Training Support

  • Initial Recruitment Support
  • Product Training

Our Happy Franchise Partner


What Type of Franchise Business Model is Femina Flaunt Studio Salon

Femina Flaunt Studio Salon operates on a Franchisee-owned, Franchisee-operated (FOFO) model, enriched by comprehensive support and training provided by Femina Flaunt throughout every phase of your business journey, ensuring a thriving and empowered franchise experience.

Will My Staff Get Training From Femina Flaunt

Franchise owners and staff receive comprehensive training encompassing brand and product profiles, customer engagement, salon operations, reporting, and more.

Do I have to procure supplies exclusively from Femina Flaunt

At Femina Flaunt Studio Salon, we mandate our franchisees to source supplies exclusively from our approved distributors. This commitment guarantees that all our studios consistently receive top-quality supplies at the most favorable negotiated rates, upholding stringent standards to deliver exceptional value and quality for our franchisees.

How much does an Exquise’s franchise make?

The financial success of Femina Flaunt Studio Salon is contingent upon various elements, encompassing operational and occupancy expenses, financing terms, and, crucially, your adeptness in effectively managing the salon business, ensuring sustainable profitability.