The Minimal Wedding Look For Every Bride

The Minimal Wedding Look For Every Bride

 Your big day is almost here! We know you’ve spent hours on Pinterest and Instagram just scrolling through endless wedding looks and that’s probably how you found your way here. Been there, done that. So we know just how confused you are, there’s so much to see. Keeping in line with all these trendy wedding looks, we know one thing for sure though - natural, minimal, clean makeup looks are all the rage! So, sit back, relax and let us guide you through them. Here are some of the most stunning minimalist bridal makeup looks that’ll bring your whole ensemble together. Oh and don’t worry, there’s something for everyone.


The Brown Palette :

Most   bridal   looks   rely on   bold   reds   and   pinks -   it’s   time   to switch   that up! This is   an easy   look to   create,   choose   shades   of   brown   that accentuate your skin tone and features - mocha, coffee and  caramel   is  a wonderful color palette for Indian skin tones.   Go neutral on the eyeshadow with a matte coffee shadow with hints of nutty glitter and pair it with a chocolaty brown lip. The right shade of a light blush can make you glow and muted shades of pink work best with browns. Stay true to your foundation shade and keep it sheer with a strobing cream or primer to really bring out the glow. Don’t forget to add just a touch of a stunning gold highlighter to pull it all together.


The Eyes Say Everything : 

There’s nothing left unsaid when your eyes do the talking. Luscious lashes, iridescent eyeshadow and the quintessential kajal - that’s all you need to make your makeup look pop! Lashes can be the statement of this look, you can enhance your natural lashes with mascara or go for falsies to give you a more defined eye look. And of course, lash extensions are always a reliable option! Iridescent eyeshadows with cool tones can help bring the focus on your eyes with just the right amount of kajal. Going light on the foundation and heavy on the concealer with a natural blush shade can do wonders for this wedding look.



Stick To The Lipstick:

 A bold lip can change your whole look. Pick shades of dark colours like red, purple or pink and pair it with a light wash of blush, defined eyebrows and a brown smokey eye. Darker colors that match the undertone of your skin will make your lip stand out even more. Make sure you go light on the foundation and concealer so it doesn’t take away from that gorgeous lip. It’s as simple as that. Keep it chic with just one bold choice and let it do all the work for you.





Drama Is For Everyone :


It can  be hard not to  go for a dramatic bridal look, but you don’t have to worry. You can still opt for some drama while keeping it minimal. Opt for heavy lashes, a smokey glitter eye and a nude brown or pink lip - that’s all you need to keep it dramatic while staying true to the minimal trend. For the eyes, make sure you balance it out with your lip color. A brown and gold smokey eye paired with a bold red lipstick is a classic. We love drama too, so if you do feel like you need to go heavy on your base, go for it.





Way To Glow :

 It’s a given that you’re going to be glowing on your big day, but if that’s what you want to focus on - here’s a look that’s perfect for you! Use a strobing primer with a light layer of foundation, go for a glossy eye look and a nude or brown lip with gloss. High shine looks like this one, highlight your natural features perfectly. Glossy eyes are easy to achieve with just a natural shade of eyeshadow and a thick layer of gloss over it. If you want just a tad bit more of a glow, add in a stunning praline or rose gold highlighter so you can really shine through.  





Hopefully, your scrolling can end here! Head to your closest Femina Flaunt Salon to get these trendy minimal wedding makeup looks so you can look absolutely stunning on your big day. 



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