Say Hello To Spring 2023 With These Trendy Hairstyles

Say Hello To Spring 2023 With These Trendy Hairstyles

Spring is almost upon us and just as the weather changes, so should your hairstyles! With Y2K hairstyles on the rise, get ready to rock some chic and trendy looks this spring. If you’ve been waiting to switch up your hair or if you’re due for a haircut, these styles are a perfect start. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles for this spring.

Textured Chin Length Bob

Wednesday's star Jenna Ortega has given us the classic soft goth makeup look and iconic dance moves but she has also popularized the gorgeous textured chin length bob. A perfect mix of classic and trendy - the textured chin length bob is a shaggy, layered bob cut that gives you incredible volume. It’s a perfect dramatic chop for spring, if you’re feeling like really changing it up, you can get a chocolate hair color to go with it!

Wild Shag

We're all familiar with Rachel Green's classic 90s cut - choppy, short, and super chic. The Rachel hairstyle's choppy face-framing layers were one of the most popular hairstyles of the 1990s, and it's set to make a big comeback in 2023. The style is known for its shoulder-length, wavy hair that is cut shorter and shaped with countless layers, which fits in perfectly with recent shag and wolf cuts trends. The modern Rachel cut is a little more wild, textured and choppy.  This asymmetrical, layered cut creates a blunt, edgy texture that’s perfect for a spring makeover.

Curtain Bangs

This is a look you've definitely seen before! This style of bangs has gained popularity due to its low-maintenance but stunning appearance. These bangs act as a curtain, framing your face. The Centre is cut shorter, and it cascades into longer pieces on the sides, which blend into the rest of your hair. This style is appropriate for all hair lengths and, because it frames your face, it gives you a well-put-together appearance. 

Pixie Cut

If you're looking for a timeless style and a chic look, a pixie cut is perfect for you! This cut is short on the sides and back and slightly longer on top with short, wispy bangs styled to the side of your head. But the 2023 pixie cut has evolved into a variety of styles and moods. Our favorite is the longer, grown-out looking cut with a longer fringe and shaggy chops. Plus, pixie cuts like these are super low maintenance and easy to take care of. If you’re feeling bold, you can opt for a buzzed cut too! What better way to start off spring than with a clean slate?

Octopus Cut

A cut similar to the wolf cut from 2022, the octopus cut is the freshest trend of the year. Just as the name says, this cut is defined by the way your hair frames your face - like the tentacles of an octopus. This is an intense form of a layer cut with very short length at the top and longer back and under section. The shorter pieces in the octopus cut turn inwards almost to frame your face. This cut adds volume, texture and loads of bounce to your hair. You can elevate the look with curtain or wispy bangs, too. 
Now you’re all set to welcome spring with a new hair look! So step into your closest Femina Flaunt Salon and walk out with a trendy, cute and fresh look. 
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