Plush Makeup Looks For Valentine’s Day 2023

Plush Makeup Looks For Valentine’s Day 2023

If you’re here, we know you’ve been trying your best to find the perfect Valentine’s Day. But, your search ends here! Got a big romantic date? Or a stay-in dinner with your partner? Or maybe a cute picnic out in the park? Any plans you’ve got, we’ve got just the right makeup look for it. 
Here are some absolutely dreamy makeup looks that are perfect for Valentine’s Day 2023!


A Soft Pink Moment

Not every occasion calls for a full glam look especially if you’re someone who likes to keep it simple and minimal. There’s tons of looks that require barely any time and still look dreamy and soft, and this is one of the simplest ones for Valentine’s day. Pick a soft shade of pink eyeshadow and apply it to your eyes, starting at the base of your lash line and applying it all over your lids. You can add a tinge of shimmer if you like! Then, add a few coats of your favorite mascara, some clear lip gloss or light lip tint and you’re all set. This is such an easy and quick look and it’s perfect for a night-in. 


Flushed Cheeks, Bold Lips & Soft Eyes

Here’s a look that defines the soft girl moment but spices it up with a bold lip colour. Flush out your cheeks with a blush of your choice all the way up to the level of your brow bone. The easiest way to get a soft dreamy eye look is to use an eyeshadow as an eyeliner. Just dip your brush in black eyeshadow and guide the edge of the bristles out into a wing shape—just like you would with a regular eyeliner. You can pick any colour of your choice instead of black too! Finally, choose bold lip colours like burgundy, dark purple or crimson red to pull the look together and add a little glam! Oh, and if you feel like it, throw in just a tad bit of highlighter.


A Kiss Of Peach

Here’s a look that’s easy, soft and absolutely stunning on brown skin! Try pairing warm tangerine or coral coloured eyeshadows with a cool raspberry-coloured blush for the perfect touch of peach in your look. Pick a peach toned eyeshadow and apply it to the base of your lash line and all over your lids, then pair it with a shimmery shade of light pink or gold to make it pop. You can opt for a nude shade of lipstick to give it a natural look or a brown shade that’ll give you a warm and chocolaty look.

Glossy Lips & A Touch Of Purple

If you don’t want to go with the cliche colours of Valentine’s Day, purple and lilac are the perfect replacement. They’re still in the pink family but add something new to a classic Valentine’s look. Start with a shimmery shade of lilac and apply it all over your lids and then apply the same shade just below your water line to add some dimension. You can use a matte purple eyeshadow to create a wing that defines your eyes a little more. Pair this with a light pink or peachy blush and a nude glossy lip. Add in some mascara and a little kajal to really bring the look together. 


Shimmery Red Sunset

If you’re someone who can’t decide between the glam and soft look - here’s a Valentine’s Day look that sits right in the middle of the two. Sticking to the classic colour of love, pick a bright red eyeshadow and apply it to your lower lash line and lids. Add a sheer gold swipe of shimmer on your lids to add a little glam. Finish off the eye look with some mascara and kajal on the top lash lines and blend it until it's soft and smoky. For the lips you can opt for a nude shade to pull the focus on your eyes or go for a bold red to really spice it up. Don’t forget to add a light flush to your cheeks to compliment your eyes. 



Make Valentine's Day special by spending more time with your partner and less time on your makeup! Pick your favourite look and feel free to mix and match the looks if you like. If you need some help perfecting your Valentine’s Day makeup look, head to your nearest Femina Flaunt Salon and we’d be happy to help!

 By- Nandita Potnis

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