Minimal Hairstyles For Your Wedding Look

Minimal Hairstyles For Your Wedding Look

You’ve got your lehenga or sari picked out, your makeup looks in place and the perfect jewelry to match it all, but what about your hair? It can be daunting to pick a hairstyle that goes well with everything you have picked out. 
But, that’s what we’re here for!  A wedding look with a minimalist hairstyle can never go wrong. So here are some gorgeous minimal hairstyles to make sure you look stunning on your big day!


1. Bun It Up

Keep it traditional and minimal with a simple pinned up hair bun. You can go for a tightly held bun or a loose playful bun. It’s elegant and gives you enough space to play around with your jewelry, makeup and outfit. Add a sweet little floral arrangement like this to spice it up, you can pick any flowers you like! This is one wedding look that’ll never let you down.

2.Curls For Every Girl


There’s no way curls can go wrong. You can opt for gorgeous loose curls or crimps based on your choice. But curls will always be a classy option and they pair well with any outfit and makeup look! So go wild with the curls if you like, you’re still going to look absolutely stunning.

 3.Something’s Fishy

Braids are simple, elegant and traditional. Amp them up by doing a fishtail braid with a gorgeous floral arrangement. Match the flowers to your outfit and keep your hair looking gorgeous all the time, without it getting in your way.


4. Let It Loose

Love your natural locks? Who doesn’t? It’s only natural to want to leave your hair untouched if you love how they look as they are! And that’s totally fine. Add a little anti-frizz serum and get all the moisture you can before your big day, you can also add some flowers to your hair to add to the look. If you’re unsure of going all natural - you can add some soft curls or simply blow dry your hair too! 

5.There’s A Wave

Nothing says minimal and natural like cascading beach waves. Opt for beachy waves if you love the effortless look. It pulls your wedding look together and you’ll look great through the day. You can also add some dainty flowers to add to the elegance of it all.


While it’s confusing to pick what goes best with your ensemble, we hope these ideas give you some clarity! Go on now, make your way to the closest Femina Flaunt Salon and look your best on your big day. 

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