How To Get The Perfect Yoga Skin Look

How To Get The Perfect Yoga Skin Look

If you’ve taken even just one yoga class, you know that the post yoga glow is real! It might be slightly sweaty and maybe exhausting - your skin looks dewy and glowy as ever. But what if you want the post yoga glow without being exhausted and sweaty? That’s where the yoga skin makeup look comes in. 


Popularised by Sarah Hill on Instagram, the yoga skin look has gained a lot of popularity in the last few months. All thanks to the natural and glowing skin it features, the yoga skin look is a close brush with glass skin and dewy skin trends. Here’s how you can get the perfect yoga skin look.

Prime It Right

The yoga skin look depends heavily on the natural texture of your skin, so make sure you’re all cleansed and moisturised before you start! Once you’re done with that, pick out a primer that helps your skin look dewy and slightly strobed.
Since the yoga skin look is all about the natural glow,
make sure you don’t use a heavy hand.

Build The Foundation

Once you’ve got the primer all set, it’s time to get into your foundation and concealer. Keeping true to the yoga skin look, a CC or BB cream would be a perfect option for the base. You could also opt for a lightweight foundation instead. To get the perfect sheer and glowing look, mix your foundation with a few drops of an illuminator or face oil you like. Remember that the yoga skin look and heavy makeup don’t go together! So keep a light hand and use a concealer only in specific areas where you need it. 

Highlight With No Limit

Now that your base is all set and good to go, dive into your favourite highlighter or illuminator. Pick a natural shade that matches your skin tone the best. Try to blend it out as much as possible so as to avoid any harsh reflections. A liquid highlighter would be the perfect option for the yoga skin look. 

Break Out The Blush

You’re almost done! No makeup look is finished without some blush. With the yoga skin look, the point is to look like you just got done with a yoga class so your cheeks are bound to be pinkish from all the blood flow and exercise. Use a natural shade of blush and apply it over your cheeks moving up to your temples and then apply just a tad bit on your nose too. A cream blush would be perfect for this look.
An MLBB Moment
There’s never been a better look for a My Lips But Better moment. Pick a creamy and soft lipstick in a shade closest to the colour of your natural lips. Go in with a light hand so that it looks natural and soft. Another option is to use a nude or berry tint lightly over your lips with a hint of lipgloss or lip balm.

You’re now all set to slay that yoga skin look and serve some glowy goddess goodness at all times! 

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