Hair Care Tips For Summer 2023 That Will Keep Your Hair Healthy

Hair Care Tips For Summer 2023 That Will Keep Your Hair Healthy

As the temperatures rise and summer draws nearer, it’s time to switch to summer care routines! While it's fun to feel the summer breeze on our faces, it can unfortunately be very harmful for our hair. Strong winds, excessive heat, and sun exposure can all harm your hair as soon as summer begins. Broken hair, split ends, and an extremely unruly and unmanageable mane are the most common problems. Instead of getting a haircut, adjust your summer hair care routine and hair care products to the weather to keep them in perfect health! Here are some tips you can follow through the summer:

Get covered

Hair can become really dry from the sun. To shield your hair from sun damage, putting on a hat or scarf can help. You can pick from hats with wide brims, denim hats, and canvas hats. You can also wrap your hair in a silk scarf to add an additional layer of protection along with the hat. Try wearing a scarf or head wrap instead of a hat if you’re not much of a hat person. You'll be able to completely protect your hair in this way and scarves can liven up your look.

UV Protection For Hair

Today's hair care products contain ingredients that effectively block the damaging UV radiation (UV rays). However, the drawback of shampoos with UV protection is the toxic chemicals they contain. After applying sunscreen to your hands or face, gently run your hands through your hair - this acts as an effective protection from UV damage to your hair. 

Change Your Hair Wash Routine

Regular washing removes the natural oils from your scalp, which prompts the production of more oil and increases your need to wash it. To go a little longer between washes, substitute your regular shampoo with a dry shampoo. You can also get rid of excess oil by rubbing a cotton ball dipped in witch hazel along your scalp. Ideally, washing your hair 2-3 times a week is more than enough. 

Stick To Loose Styles

The best way to keep your hair in check and reduce sun exposure is with a messy braid, loose messy bun or leaving it loose. Tight hairstyles can be harmful because they tend to pull and tug at your hair, especially if your hair is already dry from the summer's heat. 

Lower The Heat

Avoid blow-drying your hair as much as you can. Give the blow dryer a break and opt for air drying if you can because your hair already experiences a lot of heat on a daily basis in the summer and will likely air dry quickly anyway. Avoid using flat-irons as well because they will damage already-dry hair more. 

Keep It Conditioned

Your hair's cuticle, which is typically vulnerable to damage from outside aggressors, can benefit from additional protection by conditioning. Consider deep conditioning treatments for your hair to get more moisture during the summer. The market offers a wide range of these treatments, they stay on longer and have greater conditioning capacity. 

Get Hair Spas

Summer inevitably leads to sweating and producing more oils and is likely to lead to an oily and greasy scalp. An oily scalp leads to clogged pores filled with dead skin cells, dust, and dirt, which then leads to excessive hair loss. Opting for a hair spa targeted for an oily scalp helps gently remove impurities, flakes, and buildup from dirt and excess oils without stripping your hair. It can also help balance out sebum and oil production and clean out all the impurities. 
Don’t let summer bring out the worst of your hair, follow all these tips to make sure that your hair stays healthy, smooth, clean and nourished. You can also head to your nearest Femina Flaunt Salon to let the experts take over your hair and help you manage your tresses and leave them looking wonderful. 
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