Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks For Christmas 2022

Euphoria Inspired Makeup Looks For Christmas 2022

Neon eyes, glitter lids, bold lips, and gemstones are4 just some of the stunning looks that Euphoria served us and ever since, the world of makeup has changed. All thanks to Doniella Davy, the makeup artist on Euphoria, the glamorous abstract 90’s looks have had the whole world swooning and there’s nothing that comes close. 

Keeping the base of most makeup looks sheer and focusing on the eyes and lips with a pop of highlighter and beautiful colors, Euphoria inspired makeup is super easy to do at home. In that spirit, here are some Euphoria inspired Christmas looks that’ll have your friends and family fawning. 

Rue’s Iconic Stars

Femina Flaunt Suggests:

Cassie’s Rhinestone Wing

Cassie served with her makeup looks through both seasons and we think this one is just the right fit for Christmas! It’s easy to do and true to the show's look. It can be difficult to find rhinestones easily so we recommend using sparkly bindis to get this beautiful rhinestone wing. Decide where you want to place your rhinestones and get to sticking with a pair of tweezers.

Cassie’s look is a simple wing paired with a light pink shimmery shadow and a shiny lip gloss and just a touch of highlighter. You can opt to place your gems in the wing formation like hers, or play around and get creative with the placements.

Femina Flaunt Suggests:


Kat’s Inner Corner

This is one of the more subtle yet eye-catching looks on the show. Kat had some super memorable looks on the show and some of the most playful. Start with a simple cat eyeliner in black on your lids and add an iridescent eye shadow above it. Here’s where the glam comes in - use a bright red liner on your lower lash line all the way into your inner corner. 

Use a fine tip brush to get precise lines that standout. Pull the look together with a sprinkle of highlighter and a sparkly lip gloss of your choice. The bright red dots below the eyes are up to you, but we think they’re perfect for Christmas! 

Femina Flaunt Suggests:

Maddy’s Graphic Liner

Maddy had some of the most iconic looks on the show and this one is no different. It’s a simple yet glamorous look that’s super easy to achieve at home. For the liner, go in with a neon orange or bright red. Create a simple winged liner on the top of your lids and join it to the bottom of your eyes.  

Follow it up with a lilac or light purple shadow above the liner To really bring out the look, curl your lashes and use a volumizing mascara. Most Euphoria inspired makeup doesn’t do it justice without some gloss and highlighter, so make sure you pair those to tie in your whole look. 

Femina Flaunt Suggest:

Jules’s Colourful Eyes

Jules had some of the most colorful looks throughout the show, all of which were abstract and artsy. So if this style is up your alley, this will make one gorgeous Christmas look! Pick liquid eyeshadows of your choice, since it’s Christmas we suggest going for reds, greens and whites. Place two different shades in the outer and inner corner of your eyes, and in the middle a shade that blends the two together. 

No Euphoria inspired makeup look is complete without a shimmer shade on the lid, so add that in to stay true to the look. Use a subtle highlighter and lip gloss to bring focus to your eyes. 

Femina Flaunt Suggests: 

We hope these looks get you excited for Christmas and if you do try them out don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @feminaflauntstudiosalonandacademy so we can swoon too! 

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