Elegant And Sparkly Nails For The Winter Ball

Elegant And Sparkly Nails For The Winter Ball

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Which means it’s time to head out and get the winter glam nails to match the spirit. Nothing beats a holiday Mani with a little extra sparkle to really transport you to winter wonderland. So, here are some of our favourite nail looks that you can try out! 

Confetti Glitter

Glitter nails are all the rage right now, and we love them! The best way to make your manicure stand out is to add just a twinge of glitter. Nothing beats the look it gives when they're against bare-looking nails. A nude or neutral nail base and perfectly placed glitter cuticles will give you the sparkly yet elegant look you want! The best shape to go for with these nails is almond or squoval.

Bejewelled Winter

Rhinestones and gems are essentials for a winter nail look! Shades of purple and pink pair really well for a bejewelled look. Almond and stiletto shapes work best with rhinestones because you have enough space to play around. You can make your nails feel luxurious with a minimalist or maximalist look as per your choice! You can get as creative as you like.

Winter Wonderland

This look is going to make your nails look just like a winter wonderland! You don’t have to do a super flashy look to match the spirit. Go for a neutral or nude base with small yet cute glittery winter motifs like a reindeer or snowflakes. Add in an accent with a plaid patterned motif to really make the look stand out. 

Wrap It Up

Here’s a perfect look for the Christmas spirit this winter. Go for gold toned glitter and red to really make it feel like holiday season. You can alternate the colors and add accents on one nail to add a little bling. A present ribbon tie makes for the best accent! You won’t be able to look away from your manicure all day!

Icy Tips

All these gorgeous looks are full of the holiday spirit and we can’t wait to get them! If you want to get the glam look this winter, head over to your closest Femina Flaunt Studio so you can truly transport to winter wonderland. 

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