Chocolate Donut Hair For Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Donut Hair For Valentine’s Day

Picking out a hairstyle for Valentine’s day can be a difficult task but if you’re looking for something simple and elegant, look no further! Here’s a hairstyle that’s simple, easy and absolutely stunning that can be a makeover moment too and, if you’re looking to colour your hair - it’s the best time to go for it. Make it perfect by opting for warm colours that are super brightening and go well with your natural hair colour. Pairing it with a donut bun will give you the most sophisticated and put together Valentine’s Day look. 

So, how do you get a clean and neat donut bun? Here’s how to get it just right!


The Donut Bun Hairstyle


The donut bun is a simple yet trendy topknot hairstyle that takes barely 5 minutes to do! Start by pulling all your hair together, and combing it through neatly. Push all your hair behind, and hold it into a neat ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Then, get a donut bun elastic or a big scrunchie sized rubber band - both of these are easily available at your nearest beauty store. 

Slip the donut bun into your ponytail and then cover the bun with your hair, holding it tightly in place with your hands and secure it all with another hair tie. You’ll be left with a little bit of hair falling off the back - divide it into two parts, and twirl each part around the bun and tuck it into the hair tie. You can then secure it all in with bobby pins to make sure it stays in place all day long. 

Now that you know how to get the donut bun look, here are some of our favourite chocolate toned colours that look great with the hairstyle! 


Warm Chocolate Brown with Golden Highlights


This is a super low-maintenance warm brown hair colour that stays right on-trend. The best part about this look is the tone of the golden brown highlights, they tie in the whole look together. The warm brown with a few golden pops create a soft contrast between your features and skin colour. If you like to keep it simple and lowkey, this is the perfect shade for you and it makes your donut bun look more dimensional!


Chestnut Balayage


If you have naturally brown-ish hair, a chestnut balayage will bring out the warm tones beautifully. A nutty balayage blends in perfectly with the natural tones of brown hair, enhancing your hair colour while bringing out a trendy and fashionable look that’ll make you look like a warm glowy goddess. It’ll also give your donut bun a more well-rounded look.


Chocolate with Light Tips

Shiny milk chocolate hair with baby brown tips gives off such a dreamy soft-girl vibe on anyone. If you’re someone who doesn’t like colouring their hair too much, just dyeing your tips is the best way to go, it’s low-maintenance and easy to prep for your next look. This hair colour is perfect to keep it lowkey yet add a pop to your hair. 


Golden Red


If you’re feeling like getting a total hair makeover, opt for a golden red look that’ll instantly make you look brighter and transformed. Reddish brown is a beautiful way to wear a warm hair colour. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, this versatile hair colour will look great no matter what!


Honey Blonde


If you have naturally light brown hair, honey blonde is the perfect colour to bring out the warm qualities of your hair. Add the colour in with a few babylights or ultra-fine highlights to lighten and brighten your hair without losing any dimension. This colour perfectly complements a warmer skin tone. It’s super trendy, low-maintenance and makes for the best way to change up your hair. Paired with the donut bun, this is a super chic colour that’ll add more depth to the whole look. 


Now you’re all set to get an absolute hair glow up for Valentine’s Day! If you’re going to opt for a warm brown look, head to your nearest Femina Flaunt salon and see your hair come to life! 


By - Nandita Potnis 

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