Bangs Are Making A Comeback, And We Love It!

Bangs Are Making A Comeback, And We Love It!

Almost every other person on the internet is cutting their hair - not just bangs - they are shaving their head, coloring their hair, and even going bald! If you’re someone who loves changing up their hair or just loves doing something impulsive, here’s some news for you - bangs are back! 

That’s right, the good ol’ fringe look is here for 2023. This time around though, it’s not your simple bowl-cut bangs from the 2000s, they have evolved - majorly. If you’re looking for a fun yet trendy bang look, here’s some inspiration for you!

Curtain Bangs

Here’s a style you’ve definitely seen before! The popularity of this style of bangs has been because of its easy-maintenance and yet stunning effect. These bangs act like a curtain that frames your face. The centre is cut shorter and then it cascades into longer pieces on the sides that then blend into the rest of your hair. This style is a perfect fit for all lengths of hair and since it frames your face it gives you a well put together look. 

Bottleneck Bangs

At first, the name might confuse you, but this style has been one of the most popular bang options of the year. These bangs are also super easy to maintain and match all face shapes and hair lengths. These bangs mimic the shape of a bottleneck by focusing on a concentrated area in the middle of your forehead and then they cascade into longer sections down the sides. It basically combines the face-framing of the curtain bangs with short, eyebrow level traditional bangs. 


This ones for all the creative and artsy people out there! It might not be an easy look to pull off, but with just the right length, anyone would look good with it. Micro bangs are also known as baby bangs and this style hits about an inch above the brow bone. You can get them as pieces or full as you like. The best part about these are that they suit all face shapes when you style them in a way that looks best for your features. 

Feathered Bangs

You may know the feathered bangs look from the 90s but they’ve got a 2023 upgrade now! This style of bangs uses the classic “feathering” technique to create a soft-edged look. These bangs go well with any length - micro bangs, full bangs and even curtain bangs. Feathering out bangs gives them more dimension and creates a full and trendy look. These are a versatile style of bangs and fit any face shape and hair length. 

Wispy Bangs

If you’re too afraid to commit to a proper bang moment, wispy bangs should be a great starting point for you! These are super stylish and chic, easy to maintain and can change your whole look. These bangs are delicate and flowing with a piecey, see-through appearance. They give you a soft look and gently frame the face. Again, these are suitable for all face shapes and hair lengths. 

We hope you’ve made up your mind and finally get the bangs you’ve always wanted! If you want to get the perfect bangs, head to a Femina Flaunt Salon near you and change up your hair. 


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