Adorable Nail Designs For Valentine’s Day 2023

Adorable Nail Designs For Valentine’s Day 2023

It’s that time of the year again - Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married or anywhere in between, you can always feel the love in the air around this time. One way to really take the love around with you is to incorporate it into your style and what better way than some ultra adorable and chic nail designs? Here are some nail designs that’ll really make you get into that Valentine’s day mood!

Sparkly Pink Palette

Sparkles, hearts and a full spectrum of pink - what else could say Valentine’s day better than this? If you’re torn between your favourite shade of pink? Then this look is your perfect match. Pick 5 colours that are all transcending shades of each other in the pink and purple family. Then get going on drawing and placing your hearts of each colour on individual nails. Top the nail up with a beautiful transparent sparkly nail polish and then your top coat.

Rhinestone Hearts

If you want to stand out in the sea of pinks and reds, this is the perfect nail design for you! It’s muted, simple and yet stays in the Valentine's Day mood. Start with a nude or translucent base and add an accent nail with rhinestones shaped in a heart topped. You can also add a few rhinestones on the rest of your nails to give it a sparkly look! That’s all you need to have an on point nail look for the occasion. 


A Bleeding Heart

This one would be perfect if you’re someone who’s had tough luck on the dating scene this year or if you’re not one for all the Valentine’s festivities. Start by creating a bleeding look from the tip of your nails to the middle with a red polish and then add a couple hearts just below all the bleeding. This is such a quirky and fun nail design for the more artsy people out there. 


We can’t wait to see the stunning nail designs you pick this Valentine’s day! If you feel unsure of doing these designs at home, head to your nearest Femina Flaunt Salon and we’d be happy to do them for you!


By- Nandita Potnis 

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