5 Ideas For A Fresh 2023 Manicure

5 Ideas For A Fresh 2023 Manicure

2023 is here with a bang, which means it’s time to bling up and enter the new year with some glam. This means your nails too!. Here are a few ideas for some fabulous manicures you can get! #NewDayNewYou!


The Viva Magenta Mood


The Pantone colour of the year is Viva Magenta and we’re here for it! Opt for these sparkly yet simple nails to stay on theme with the colour of the year. Go in with a magenta french tip for your thumb and index and balance out the creativity with a negative space heart on your ring finger! Add a little bling on your middle finger and keep the little one simple. You’re all set to start the year with a fresh set of trendy nails.


Classic Black

Nothing beats a classic black manicure! If you like keeping it simple and classy, here’s a gorgeous set of nails for 2023. Stick to a simple black nail colour and spice it up with a trendy french tip accent. If you want to, add in a little sparkle on your middle finger! Elegant, easy and super adorable!

Let’s Go Holo


Holographic nails are always going to be a staple, and if you love shiny, glossy, duo-chrome nails, these are the nails for you! Go in for a simple yet trendy look with holographic tips that blend into your natural nails. If you want to go all out, you can opt to add in a little duo-chrome glitter! You’re all set to welcome the new year with some sparkly yet aesthetic set of nails!


A Little Bit Of Jelly



2022 was the year of jelly nails and you can welcome 2023 with an ode to the year gone by with a simple set of jelly nails. These are classy and simple to maintain! Pick a neutral base colour and tone it down with some transparent nailpolish. Voila! You’re all set with the jelly nails. You can add a little more to the mix with some simple nail art - hearts, flowers, or french tips.


Make It Abstract 

Love the artsy look? Then here’s the perfect one for you! Abstract nails are a great opportunity to get as creative as you’d like. If you want to get this look, pick two colours that compliment each other well, like pink and purple. Make some freehand wavy lines and go in with your two colours. You can add more elements to make it as abstract as you like. Stars, lines, hearts and lots more. Welcome 2023 with a creative spirit! 


We hope your 2023 is one full of wonderful nail sets and art. If you’d like some help with creating your perfect nail look, you can head to your closest Femina Flaunt Salon! 

By-Nandita Potnis

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