5 Big 2023 Hair Trends To Look Out For

5 Big 2023 Hair Trends To Look Out For

Last year brought back some gorgeous 90’s looks and Y2K hair trends to the table, so what’s in store for 2023? Playful, experimental and quirky hair that’s full of personality. Of course, this year hasn’t put a damper on bringing back new Y2K and 90’s trends either. Here’s a look at some hair trends that are set to take off in 2023. 

The Side Parting

Side parts had a rather quick exit in the end of the 2000’s, but they’re back now! The side part style dates back to early Hollywood stars in the 50s like Elizabeth Taylor and 90s supermodels such as Cindy Crawford and now that Old Hollywood glamour is making a comeback once again, it’s no surprise the look is making a return. Although it was waved off as gaudy for the last couple years, it’s making a comeback as artsy and individualistic. 

The Vidal Sassoon Bob

Not that this style was ever out of vogue, but it was on a decline and now it’s back yet again!  One of the more popular iterations of the bob styles is the box bob, and it’s one to watch out for in 2023. With clean straight, blunt lines that look slightly more squared and thick when styled straight, but it offers versatility too because it works beautifully with any hair texture. It also adds texture and fullness to hair that can otherwise look flat.

The Classic Rachel Cut

We’re no stranger to the classic Rachel Green cut from the 90’s - choppy, short and super chic. The choppy face-framing layers of the Rachel hairstyle formed one of the most trend-setting hair looks of the 90s and in 2023 it’s all set to make a huge comeback. The style is known for its shoulder-length, wavy hair that’s cut shorter, and shaped with countless layers which go perfectly in keeping with recent trends of shag cuts and wolf cuts. 

The Choppy Hair 

Staying true to the same tune of shaggy, layered cuts - the choppy hair cuts are creating all the buzz right now. A choppy layered haircut is bold, with a voluminous chop in which has asymmetrical, layered portions to create a blunt, edgy texture. This style creates volume, definition and movement in your hair. This is a versatile style that works for all lengths and textures of hair. 

The Longest Hair In The Room

It’s always been true that long hair brings a luxurious feel to your whole look and 2023 is all here for it. For the last few years, short styled hair has been all the rage but now long styled hair is bringing in a refreshing change. Whether it’s a classic blowout or big voluminous waves, long hair is a style that’ll take over in 2023. 


We can’t wait to see which trends will take over the other in 2023, and more than anything we can’t wait to see you rock these trends all year long! If you’re ready to get a new look, head to your nearest Femina Flaunt salon and get on top of the trends.


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