These courses will equip the students from the basic level of makeup art to the advanced makeup skills like Day, Night, Corporate, Stage, Event, Photo shoot and Bridal Makeup techniques.



Beginners Course in Makeup

Basics of skin & hygiene, Basic and understanding of makeup products, Application of makeup products, Natural makeup, Minimal makeup, Pop culture makeup, False lash application, Smokey eye, Party makeup

Duration: 10 days | 40 hours

Certificate in Beginners & Bridal Makeup

Basics of skin, Basics of bridal makeup, Application of makeup products, Essentials of Bridal makeup, - Indian bridal makeup, Western bridal makeup, Regional Bridal Makeup, Groom Makeup

Duration: 20 days | 80 hours

Polish Your Skills (for Makeup Artists)

Airbrush makeup, Glitter makeup, Blended makeup and corrective makeup, Avante garde makeup plus face painting techniques

Duration: 7 days | 28 hours

Crash Course on Eye liner and Lashes

Crash Course on Eye liner and Lashes

Duration: 3 days | 12 hours

Crash Course on Professional Makeup

Foundation application, Multi tasking makeup, TV makeup

Duration: 7 days | 28 days

Crash Course in 24 Hours Makeup

Day Makeup, Evening Makeup & Night Makeup

Duration: 3 days | 12 hours

Certificate in Basic Makeup

Skin Fundamentals, History of Makeup, Basics of makeup, product knowledge, application techniques, colour theory, overall orientation of makeup application, various eye make up techniques and looks

Duration: 45 days | 180 hours

Certificate in Advanced Makeup

Bridal Makeup + Red Carpet Makeup+Photography Makeup+ Contour & Highlights + Male Model Makeup + B/W Photogtraphy Makeup+ Potrait Makeup + HD Makeup + Different Makeup Looks + Artist Portfolio + COnsultation Form

Duration: 3 months | 288 hours

Certificate in Professional Makeup

Film & TV Makeup + Colour correcting and camouflaging + HD Makeup For Films + Airbrush Makeup

Duration: 2 months | 192 hours

Professional Diploma in Makeup

Certificate in Basic Makeup + Certificate in Advanced Makeup + Certificate in Professional Makeup

Duration : 4 months | 384 hours