Y2K Nail Trends That Are Perfect For 2023

Y2K Nail Trends That Are Perfect For 2023

Imagine cheetah prints, glittery chunks, neon colors and quirky designs - that’s what Y2K nail trends were all about! We know the 2000’s style is coming back with a full swing - from butterfly clips to glossy lips, everything is making a comeback, so why not nail trends? 

Here are some super chic and quirky ideas inspired by the Y2K nail trends you can use for your next manicure! Expect flames, checkered print, pink hearts, rainbow hues, swirly lines, and a lot more 2000’s nostalgia. 

Graffiti Letters

Let’s start off with one of the more out-there trends of the Y2K era. Graffiti letters were all the rage in the 2000s, from T-shirts to shoes, everything had graffiti letters on it. If you want to make a statement and enjoy the gaudy essence of the decade, this is the perfect look! The key is to focus on neon-coloured nail polish and make sure the design is as close to graffiti as possible.


Here’s one that’s just as cute even in 2023 - the flame nails! Instead of french tips, just add flames to the tips of your fingers. These are simple and super easy to customize with colors. Whether the flames are done in neon or holographic, on short or long tips, this trend is totally eye-catching and trendy in 2023. 

Pierced Nails

The 2000’s were full of belly rings, eyebrow piercings, and lip piercings but all of those require some serious commitment. So instead, try adding some jewelry to your nails and embrace the 2000’s piercing moment. Tiny gold hoops or small, dangly charms are cute and dainty but if you really want to get to the core of the Y2K aesthetics, try adding a curved barbell, like a belly ring!

Cheetah/Leopard Print

The defining moment of the Y2k era was animal prints and more specifically, leopard or cheetah prints! From bags to socks everything was covered in these prints - and there was no exception when it came to manicures either. Animal print nails are the perfect combination of chic and sexy, and there are so many ways to incorporate this pattern into your manicure, you can go for something minimalist or maximalist - whatever you like! 

Hippie Details

The Y2K era is known for its colour, quirky and slightly hippie design choices and we’re here for it! The ideas are creative, bold and fun for everyone. There’s so many styles to explore with this trend - colourful checkerboard prints, bright Ombre's, simple flower prints, mismatched art,  butterfly decals, rainbow smileys and so much more! The focus on this Mani is the bright colours and cute graphics - so feel free to get experimental.


Now that you have some wonderful inspiration to get into that 2000s era, you can head to your nearest Femina Flaunt salon and get a Y2K manicure.

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