Trend Alert: Ombré Nails For Your Next Manicure

Trend Alert: Ombré Nails For Your Next Manicure

If you’re someone who struggles to pick a nail colour or design - here’s a manicure that’s perfect for you! Ombré nails are timeless and have been around for a long time and unlike other trendy nail looks that have come and gone - this one has stayed. It’s because of how seamless and easy this look is to create and how versatile it can be. If you’re not sure what exactly the trend of ombré nails is all about, here’s a breakdown!


What Are Ombré Nails?



Ombré nails are a super trendy nail art that creates a distinct colour gradient through your nails. It consists of a lighter shade near the cuticle of the nail that fades effortlessly into a darker shade towards the tip.

This type of manicure also gives the illusion of longer nails when done correctly. It’s extremely versatile and is customizable with colours, glitter, metallic polishes, rhinestones and a whole lot more! If you want some inspiration for your next ombré manicure, here’s some of our favourite variations of the ombré manicure. 


Metallic Ombré Nails



The 2023 ombré trend is all about a nude shade that transitions into a shiny metallic shade. Pick a glitter polish with a holographic or chrome effect which is applied to the tips of the nails. The more pigment you use on the nail, the more intense the metallic effect will be. Use a nude nail polish of your choice for the base to really make the metallic shade stand out.


Glitter Ombré Nails


Glitter has never gone out of style, just as the ombré manicure. So when you put them both together, you’re going to get magic! Pick a base colour in whichever shade you like, then start lightly dabbing glitter from the tip toward the bed of your nails. The highest concentration of glitter should stay on the tips of your nails and the remaining bit should gently transfer into the rest of the nail.


Ombré French Tips


This ombré variation on a classic manicure works beautifully for any look! Pick a nude shade of your choice for the base, and apply it in two layers. Then, pick a white shade and apply it to the tip of your nails making sure that you blend both the nude and white shade seamlessly. It should give you an almost milky nails effect.


Pastel Ombré Nails

Showcase some gorgeous pastel hues with your ombré manicure. Pick two or three pastel shades of your choice. To keep the look more pastel in tone, use lighter shades on the top and bottom areas. Go in with the lighter shades first and then blend in the darker tones like greens and blues in the middle. You;re going to have a rainbow pastel wonderland on your nails when you’re done! 


Black Ombré Nails


Nothing like a classic black manicure, but add an ombré twist on it to make it more trendy! Pick a black polish for the tip of your nails and use a nude base of your choice. Make sure you make the black polish stand out by applying it generously to the tips of your nails.  If you want to make it a little bling-y, add in some glitter polish to the tips to layer the black. 


Now you’re all set to get a trendy ombré manicure in a colour of your choice! If you’re confused as to how to get the look at home, head over to your nearest Femina Flaunt Studio to get the perfect ombré manicure!



By - Nandita Potnis


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