Tik Tok Hair Trends To Jump On In 2023

Tik Tok Hair Trends To Jump On In 2023

Tik tok hair trends are everywhere now - from the tinsel hair extensions to the blunt bob - you’ve definitely seen these looks over social media. You can check out tutorials and hair transformation videos taking over the app. Thanks to the abundance of this content, the trends are catching up at a steady pace! So, if you’re looking for inspiration for your next hair appointment, here are some of our favourite Tik Tok inspired hairstyles! 


The Classic Wolf Cut



Staying true to the same tune of shaggy, layered cuts - the wolf cut is creating all the buzz right now. A wolf cut is bold, with a voluminous chop in which has asymmetrical, layered portions to create a blunt, edgy texture. The wolf cut is a fresh take on the shag, is edgy and requires little to no styling. This style creates volume, definition and movement in your hair. This is a versatile style that works for all lengths and textures of hair. It pretty much looks good on everyone, and it adds volume, movement, and texture to all types of hair. 


Face-Framing Money Pieces


By now, you might have seen the emo-girl coloured bangs on Tik Tok and Instagram. The trend has its roots in Y2K fashion and it’s absolutely back in style. What’s now called money pieces was the highlighted bangs of the 2000’s. This is an easy pick if you want a hair transformation without too much dye action. This look has chunky face framing bangs that are highlighted with a colour of your choice - the most common colours are red & blonde. You can also pick out two shades that complement each other to make the look more defined.


Bubble Braids

Yet another familiar hair trend on Tik Tok is the resurfacing of the Y2K era bubble braids. Two small simple braids that frame your face, tied tight with colourful rubber bands. If you know how to make a simple braid, you’re all set for this look. The look is basically a take on regular old braids, amped up with some cute hair ties. Part your hair in the middle and pull out two small sections in the front, then tie two bubble braids on the pieces of hair that frame your face on either side and tie it in with some cute pastel rubber bands. Simple, cute and absolutely trendy.


Zigzag Parts


Anything except middle parts had a rather quick exit in the end of the 2000’s, but they’re back now! Tik Tok is definitely making an effort to revamp 2000’s hairstyles and it’s working. Zigzag parts are becoming all the rage with tutorials all over the app. Even Bella Hadid sported the look with a tight, slicked back bun and it was stunning. All you need is a rat-tail comb to get the look. Start at the middle of your head and create a zigzag pattern, crossing over both sides. You can keep the zigzags as big or small as you like. It can also be incorporated into a side part!


If you’re confused as to how to get the look at home, head over to your nearest Femina Flaunt Studio to get the perfect Tik Tok Hair for your party!



By - Nandita Potnis


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