Post Holi Self Care For Your Hair & Skin

Post Holi Self Care For Your Hair & Skin

After a day full of colours, water balloons, pichkaris, and lots of fun times it's only fair to take some time to clean up and pamper yourself a little. Tough colour stains and lifeless hair may be a bother, but help is on the way! Check out these spa & hair treatments that are perfect to deal with the post Holi mess. 

Luxury Hair Washes 

It’s a given that you’re going to have to wash your hair post Holi but it can be a mess to handle on your own. Start by thoroughly rinsing your hair with plain water to get rid of all the dirt, dry colours and chemicals. Then, apply a mild shampoo and gently massage your hair and scalp. Rinse out the shampoo and apply a heavy conditioner to make sure your scalp can regenerate all the oil and moisture that’s been stripped away by the colours. After that your hair might still need a little more moisture and life overall, so opt for a luxury hair wash at the Femina Flaunt Salon and get it blow dried to make sure your hair stays gorgeous and healthy.

Hydrating Facials

All the harsh chemicals and mica from the colours is bound to strip your skin of essential oils and hydration. Your skin might feel dry and very lifeless. Hydrating facials are perfect to bring your skin back to life and help eliminate dryness and keep your skin plump and hydrated. It includes ingredients that provide moisture to your skin and make it supple and nourished. If you have dry skin that's starting to get itchy, flaky or too tight, this is the best way to keep it hydrated. This is a facial that gives you instant hydration and glow post Holi!

Pedicures & Manicures

Getting to colour stains below the surface of your nails is a very difficult task. A manicure and pedicure is perfect to deal with these difficult stains. They make the skin around your nails soft and clean the innermost deposits of colour under your nails. It also helps get rid of the dryness caused because of the chemicals in Holi colours. If you head to the Femina Flaunt Salon, you can get a clean-up manicure and pedicure to make sure your nails stay healthy and clean and follow it up with a nourishing, de-tanning or detoxifying treatment.

Skin Brightening Facials 

Playing out in the sun for extended periods of time is likely to give you an uneven tan and sun lines. Holi colours are also known to intensify your tan. Brightening facials are usually a perfect treatment for tanned skin, dull complexion, or uneven skin tone. It helps brighten up your skin and enrich it, because of its exfoliating properties. These facials are a saviour post Holi and help even out your skin tone and reduce a visible tan considerably. 


Don't worry about cleaning up when you've got a Femina Flaunt Salon around you! Let the experts handle the mess and you'll have the perfect self care day post Holi. 

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