Get The Wednesday Addams Inspired Goth Glam Look

Get The Wednesday Addams Inspired Goth Glam Look

Jenna Ortega's portrayal of Wednesday Addams has everyone fawning over the 70’s inspired soft goth glam look. Ever since the show made its debut, there have been over 82.1 million TikTok fans searching up the look. Even the Prada AW19 runway paid tribute to her trademark look with long black braids. If you’ve been going down the same rabbit hole, we’re here for the rescue! Here’s how you can get that woefully stunning Wednesday Addams soft goth glam look. 

Start At The Base

Getting that hollowed out pale complexion might be a little off-putting for your look, but you can opt for a minimal base to keep it as similar as possible. Use a medium-coverage, buildable foundation or a sheer skin tint and apply it with your fingers instead of a brush or beauty blender. Wednesday’s look also has a sharp carved out jawline, so go in with a cream or powder contour and get shaping. Don’t forget to add in some faux freckles for the full effect. Since the character has pale and almost dead-looking skin, there’s no blush or highlight involved - however, if you think the creepy look isn’t what you want, you can add in the slightest hint of both. 

Killer Eyes

Now that your base is all laid out, it’s time to work on the eyes. The eye look is the defining moment of the Wednesday look. The soft goth smokey eye gives not only the character dimension, but also her face and look. Start by blending a warm brown shade on your lids, crease, and under eye. Then pick a black shadow and blend it underneath your eye and then swipe some onto your upper lash line like a smokey eyeliner. The character also has long, voluminous and defined lashes so you can go in with a heavy hand on your mascara or just opt for some false lashes. Since Jenna Ortega has the Tim Burton-esque large eyes, you can add in a bit of white kajal to your lash line to make your eyes look more open. 

Lips To Die For

The softly blurred, brown-plum lip is what pulls the whole look together for Wednesday Addams. It’s the pinnacle of the early 70’s goth girl look and is super easy to achieve. Start by mixing a dark plum liner and some clear lip balm in a makeup pot or on your hand. Outline and color in the corners of your lips and blend them towards the middle of your lip to give it a slightly ombré effect and then dab the mix of clear balm on your lips to give it the really natural and soft blurred out look. 

Now you’re all set to give yourself pull off the Wednesday Addams look with the perfect soft goth glam vibes! 

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