Bringing Back Y2K Hair Trends In A Stylish Way

Bringing Back Y2K Hair Trends In A Stylish Way

Trends on social media are always fluid, they come and go very quickly. However, there are some trends that make a comeback every few years or so. And one of the most popular ones right now is Y2K fashion. Bootcut jeans, glossed lips and tinsel hair are just some examples of trends making a comeback. 
More than ever, Y2K hair trends are now getting revamped in a way that brings the best of the 2000s to 2022. So here are some Y2K hairstyles that are making a comeback, not only will they make you look like a trendy diva but they’re also super cute on their own!

Get Those Money Pieces

You might have seen the emo-girl colored bangs on Tik Tok and Instagram, but this trend has its roots in Y2K fashion. What’s now called money pieces was the highlighted bangs of the 2000’s. These chunky face framing bangs that are highlighted were the classic Y2K look for a long time. It’s also a super simple look to get, you just need face framed bangs that are chunky, coloured blonde or any other color you like.

It’s Tinsel Time

If you’re on the DIY side of Instagram, you have definitely seen tutorials to get tinsel attached in your hair. These glittery extensions come from the Barbie-like Y2K trend where DIY hairstyle kits came with tinsel extensions to make it look like highlights. The same method is used now too! You just need some tinsel in your choice of color and attach them to your hair to achieve this simple yet glittery look.

It’ll Give You Butterflies

If you were a child growing up in the 2000s, you know the classic butterfly clips look every had. You just need butterfly shaped clips for this look! Placing them playfully around your hair makes this look work very well! And honestly, who doesn’t like a head full of cute little butterflies?

Use Those Claw Clips

Big claw clips saw a sudden decline somewhere post the 2000s but now, you’ve definitely seen them everywhere, or you even have a couple at home! Apart from their functional look, they’re also super trendy now. Very commonly worn in the same Y2K style of a simple claw clip bun from the early 2000s, you’ll love this style for work and play. It’s super clean and yet elegant. 


Baby Braids All The Way 


Yet another familiar hair trend of the Y2K era is the baby braids. Two small simple braids that frame your face, tied tight with colorful rubber bands. IF you know how to make a simple braid, you’re all set for this look. Part your hair in the middle, tie two braids on the pieces of hair that frame your face on either side and tie it in with some cute pastel rubber bands. Simple, cute and absolutely trendy.

Now you’re all set to serve some real Y2K hair looks. If you love these looks just for nostalgia or for the trendiness, these hairstyles will be perfect for you!

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